ThisĀ AvaTrade review was conducted by the team of for those who want to know about the AvaTrade broker. The AvaTrade company known previously as AvaFx or AvaForex was established... more" />

AvaTrade Review

ThisĀ AvaTrade review was conducted by the team of for those who want to know about the AvaTrade broker. The AvaTrade company known previously as AvaFx or AvaForex was established in 2006 and is situated in Dublin, Ireland. Offering trading facilities in over 150 countries with offices located internationally. AvaTrade Forex broker is committed to providing a secure trading environment and is completely licensed and regulated in the EU and BVI, with extra regulation in Australia, Japan and South Africa.

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The greatest relevant feature of AvaTrade is the extremely diverse and rich automatic trading package that comes hustled with the trading software itself. Advanced strategies and Forex trading APIs that sell for $100 in the market are being offered for free by the trader for the simple cost of trading Forex; you simply pay the spreads for trading and no extra costs for the advanced and skilled auto-trading tools that you’re delivered with.

The automated-trading package comprises the prevalent ZuluTrade system, AvaTrade’s own Ava Auto Trader system which allows algorithmic trading in its newest versions, as well as an advanced range of various APIs that permit you to devise your individual forex automation solutions from scratch. This is an exclusive advantage accessible with no other company in the forex world as of the time this appraisal was being formed.

Trading Software

Catering to each type of trader, AvaTrade provides a wide variety of platforms, both manual and automated. Each platform permits access to over 250 trading instruments, numerous analytical tools, indicators and up to the minute graphs.

AvaTrader is an influential user-friendly platform that permits for single-click trading on all assets from a particular screen. It is a completely customizable stage that boasts advanced charting, live feeds as well as live-analysis. To know about all AvaTrade or AvaForex platforms you can visit “ForexSQ” AvaTrade review page.


MT4, known as the utmost prevalent trading platform, provides power and flexibility to satisfy traders of all practice levels and trading information. The platform put up you to trade in you perfect trading environments.

Auto trading platforms, such as ZuluTrade and Mirror Trader, are the foremost auto trading interfaces in the business. The auto-trading software permits you to duplicate the trades of expert online traders, at any time, even whereas away from your computer.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The requirement of minimum primary deposit of AvaTrade is 100 dollars. Maximum leverage is 400:1, at all times remember that the higher the leverage, then greater the risk. Along with the possibility of instant deposits through common credit cards, the trader accepts wire transfers and also assists funding through NeTeller, PayPal, WebMoney and Moneybookers. Through the Ava Debit Card feature of Ava Trade, customers can withdraw funds with no paperwork deferring the procedure though it can take up to 5 days for the money to be transferred.


AvaTrade proudly announces that it is a secondary of a holding company with nearly 17 billion dollars in market capitalization. This is unusual in the forex world and positively adds an unusual dimension of trustworthiness to the trader. As a trader registered in Ireland, Ava Trade is subject to widespread and stringent EU regulations over its monetary activities. In addition to subscribing the top industry standards in basic data encryption and server security, the firm services a core team of IT experts to stay up-to-date with progresses in information technology, with the resolution that advanced security improvements available to the market are applied as soon as probable to the trading software and trader’s own system.


AvaTrade makes the clear claim that the firm purposes to create a user-cantered forex trading knowledge for the firm’s customers. Along with the great wealth of options available to users as detailed in the former sections and the flexibility revealed by AvaTrade in account funding. Counting the accommodative initial deposit necessities, they are currently for July present a free Galaxy Promo/iPhone or up to 30 percent FTD. AvaTrade differentiates itself by the complete support provided to the novice by the firm’s customer service. The instinctive, simple interface, united with an expert support staff presented 24-hours a day, five days a week, and in over 12 languages confirms that the questions of novices are answered swiftly. All difficulties of expert traders are solved in a short time period.


If you want to test the AvaTrade broker you can open free AvaTrade demo account at “” AvaTrade review page. With respect through their many awards and their permanency of over 10 years in the industry, AvaTrade stances out from other brokers in more than one respect. If a trader highlights safety above everything else, this authorized and regulated broker, operating as a part of a worldwide financial group with market capitalization will obviously make an outstanding select.

With the inconceivable manual and automated trading solutions, Ava Trade is a strangely well-suited option for the sophisticated, advanced professional. Though, a beginner trader will be satisfied with the friendly and available customer support staff, the instinctive and easy-to-grasp interface of the broker and fairly small initial deposit requirement. Go Ava Trade and form your opinion by registering a real account. Any prospective broker will be more than impressed by the exceptional flexibility that decides Ava Trade from all its players. In this AvaTrade review you can download the Avatrade or AVAFX broker on iTunes IOS app or Android application for mobile trading, Wikipedia says.

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