Buy Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Buy Basic Attention Token or BAT Crypto Currency by professional Forex trading experts the “” FX trading team, Finding out everything you need to know about how to Buy Basic Attention Token or BAT CryptoCurrency.

How To Buy Basic Attention Token or BAT CryptoCurrency?

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an ERC20 token built on top of Ethereum. It was developed to be the token of utility in a new, decentralized, open source and efficient blockchain-based digital advertising platform.

Developers of the Basic Attention Token reiterate that although BAT is a transferable token traded on a number of exchanges, it is not a digital currency, security or a commodity, but a utility token intended for use on the BAT platform.

The BAT platform is designed to integrate with the Brave browser, Brave’s ledger system, BAT wallet and related blockchain-attested functionalities. The BAT token will be used, for example, in acquiring ad slots to be filled with privately matched, anonymously confirmed ads.

How to buy Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Of course, the easiest way for anyone that does not possess any Bitcoin or Ether to get some BAT is to buy it with a credit card. Sadly, there isn’t an exchange that supports this coin and accepts credit card payments. Nonetheless, there is a way you can use your credit card to exchange some US dollars or other fiat for BAT coins. Just follow these steps:

1. Buy Ether with credit card or bank wire at Coinbase.

It is a popular exchange that holds a New York bit license and is available in many countries. What is more, it is very user-friendly and there are no hidden fees. Of course, before you deposit some money and exchange it for crypto, you will have to register and verify your identity.

2. Open an account in an exchange that supports BAT.

You need to do this, as at Coinbase you can only get Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin. Actually, there are a number of exchanges that support BAT, and it seems it is most actively traded on Binance, Huobi and Bittrex.

3. Transfer your ETC from Coinbase to the platform of your choice.

4. Exchange it for some BAT.

It is recommendable that you keep your BAT coins off exchange, and use your own e-wallet. We do not recommend a particular product, but most users report storing their BAT in MyEtherWallet or a Ledger Nano S hardware wallets.

If you are looking for an exchange where you can directly purchase BAT with traditional currencies, you can do that solely on Hong Kong-based Bitfinex. You can deposit US dollars via bank wire (involving 0.1% fee), but keep in mind that the exchange stopped accepting US clients in November, 2017.

In addition, you can also trade cryptocurrencies in the form of CFDs with some forex brokers. This alternative has its advantages, as well as weak sides. Nonetheless, if you’d rather not open numerous accounts and hassle with wallets and private keys, check out what brokers have to offer regarding cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, none of them supports BAT yet.

To buy the Cryptocurrency you can sign up with a cryptocurrency broker, you can use Plus500, XM, eToro, Fxpro or AvaTrade crypto currencies brokers.

How to Buy Basic Attention Token or BAT Crypto Currency Conclusion

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