brokers Review Review by professional Forex trading experts the “” FX trading team, Finding out everything you need to know about the broker is in this Review. Review is not your typical forex broker. In fact, oddly enough, the company offers trading CFDs of multiple asset classes, except currencies. Most brokers tend to prioritize FX, as it is supposedly the easiest market to trade, for beginners. has launched an app, which aims to make trading other products accessible to non-experienced investors.

The Company. Security of Funds

Company Country Regulation
Capital Com SV Cyprus CySEC

The company behind is Capital Com SV. It is registered and regulated in Cyprus. The local financial watchdog – the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is one of the most respectable one. This may not be the case if you decide to trade with an off-shore company, as we have explained here.

Cyprus is a rather popular destination for brokers. This has been the case for several years now, with the country’s EU membership and well established financial infrastructure being the driving forces behind this phenomenon. The aforementioned regulatory body – CySEC enforces strict rules on brokers, who are registered with it. From a trader’s perspective two of them are far more important than the rest – the implementation of segregated accounts and the compensation scheme. Segregated accounts, imply your broker can not spend the money you have deposited, for its own purposes. The second major CySEC ruling is the mandatory participation in the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). This fund acts as a guarantee, in case a broker becomes insolvent and can not pay its clients. If you trade with a CySEC regulated company, which happens to go under, you will be covered up to €20,000. offers trading only via an app, which is available for Android and iOS. This is a rather unique approach, as the broker aims to attract clients who are less familiar with financial markets. The company has launched a second app – Investmate, which gives educational content to potential future investors. We tapped around a bit and found it to be well made. There is clever integration with the main trading app in some of the educational material. Here is a screenshot of a basic quizz question:

Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit has set the initial minimum deposit at $100, which is a reasonable level. Do keep in mind, this company provides CFDs on asset classes other than FX, so a bigger investment may be appropriate. On the other hand some brokers have gone out of their way, to reduce the entry barrier, like XM who require only $5.

Remember, the minimum deposit should only matter if you are a new trader, willing to experiment. The veterans will tell you, a bigger investment is needed in order to execute a long-term trading strategy.

Average spreads & Commissions

At, your trading costs come down to the spread and overnight premium (i.e. borrowing rate for your margin capital, in case you hold a position open for more than a day). When it comes to the spreads they are relatively competitive: around 25 cent on Gold, 20 cent for Apple Stock and 0.6 points on the S&P 500 index. Keep in mind all of these products are CFDs.

When it comes to the overnight rates, they are not clearly mentioned on the website. This may be because the app is totally oriented towards beginners.

The most unusual thing about is that they do not offer currency trading. If that is something you are interested in, feel free to take a look at our real-time comparison of the spreads offered by some of the world’s leading FX brokers.

Leverage offers leverage up to 1:50. This may seem low for you, especially if you follow the forex trading industry, where companies often offer 1:500 and higher levels. When it comes to CFDs on equities and specific stocks, 1:50 is a reasonable level. Currencies move in much smaller increments than stocks, for instance. This is why a much bigger position (and hence more margin) is required in the FX market.

Higher leverage levels can allow you to take bigger positions, with less capital to back them up. This can be devastating, if miss-used. Be sure to fully understand the risks involved with margin trading, before participating in it.

Trading Platforms offers only an app for trading. It is available for both major operating systems – Android and iOS. Although it may lack some of the analytical capabilities of the desktop version of the world’s most popular forex trading platform MetaTrader4 (MT4), it still feels capable of doing the job. One of the neat little features it has is the 2-day line chart, a rather recently popularized way of viewing a market’s dynamic in a snapshot.

Overall we had no complaints with the app, other than the fact you can’t (currently) add technical indicators to the charts. That being said, it is rather strange they only offer an app. Although it is useful for today’s dynamic environment, sometimes a long look at a big-screen chart is still desirable. Overall, different analytical tools may be used by seasoned traders, who wish to only execute their trades via this app.

Methods of Payment

A decent number of payment options are available at They include Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Neteller and Skrill. You are pretty much covered, because some of the most popular e-wallets are added to the traditional options. is a CFD broker, which offers trading only via a mobile app. The company is regulated by CySEC, which gives it a lot of credibility. The entire business appears to be aimed at people with less experience in financial markets, especially given the second app, Investmate, which the company offers. That being said trading conditions, in terms of spreads are rather good for a CFD provider. The app’s design fells intuitive and pleasant. Overall we believe this is a great gateway to the world of financial markets.

Instead of the forex broker you can use Plus500, XM, eToro, Fxpro or AvaTrade forex brokers. Review Conclusion

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