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Capital One Investing reviews conducted by Forex trading experts for those want to invest with CapitalOneInvesting broker previously knows as ShareBuilder brokerage. All you need to know about broker like what is Capital One 360 Investing and how to do Capital One Investing login or what are Capital One Investing fees. Multiple brokerage reviews and additional Capital One Investing reviews are available on the forex trading website, The ratings forex brokers, or currency trading investing company

What is Capital One Bank

Capital One Financial Corporation is a bank holding company specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking and savings products headquartered in McLean, Virginia. Capital One is the eighth-largest commercial bank in the United States when ranked by assets and deposits. and is ranked 9th on the list of largest banks in the United States by total assets.

What is Capital One 360 Investing 

The Capital One 360 affiliate website offers a wide range of financial services including individual and joint personal and business checking and savings accounts, 360 Money Markets, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), new and refinanced home mortgage loans, financial investments, custodial accounts for kids and others, education savings accounts and retirement accounts.  Retirement options include IRAs and rollover IRAs, as well as Capital One’s ShareBuilder 401(k), which is a retirement option for self-employed individuals. provides every financial tool needed for individuals and businesses alike to manage checking, savings, investment, education and retirement accounts from one convenient website.  The site provides online trading of a variety of financial assets, as well as innovative intuitive trading tools and expert personal advice.

What is Capital One ShareBuilder 

As previously mentioned, ShareBuilder brokerage was a name Capital One Investments previously used and if you click on, you will be redirected to the home page of 

Capital One’s ShareBuilder investment plan allows traders to make dollar based investments in a variety of stocks, mutual funds and ETFs on whatever security they select and on their own time schedule.  

To participate in this investment program traders must select the securities they want to purchase and choose how much money they want to invest.  Security choices can be found using the site’s in-page tabs (Top Stocks, Top ETFs, etc. ) or in the Research section of

Then the trader has to set the frequency of the investment and schedule the plan for an “investment Tuesday.”  Traders have the option of investing money only one time or on a regularly recurring basis.   

Next the trader has to transfer funds to pay for the ShareBuilder investments which can be done by bank transfer or using cash in their own Capital One investment accounts.  

After an investor completes these steps and saves the ShareBuilder investment plan, Capital One will automatically process the investment transactions, creating open orders and executing trades according to the guidelines and time schedule prescribed by the trader who also has the option of allowing investment funds to automatically transfer between accounts to accommodate investments made using the ShareBuilder plan.

Changes to investment securities or schedules can be made at any time but should be completed before 5:00 PM (EST) on the business day immediately preceding “investment Tuesday.”   

All trades will be conducted online and, if sufficient funds do not currently exist in a trading account or are not already in transit, an investor will not be able to set up a plan for that week.

Capital One Investing Trading Platform is the company’s own proprietary trading website that receives continuing recognition as a functional and user friendly trading platform.  Investors who open trading accounts with access the latest video news from the Wall Street Journal and can search for the best fixed income investments using the site’s Bond Fund Center, as well as flexible trading, trailing stops, heat mapping, market movers, tracking alerts, watch lists, multiple order execution and stop limit orders.  In addition to its user friendly interface and valuable trading tools, the platform uses filtered searches to narrow down information on certain topics and includes numerous easy to read articles on various investment subjects that will assist every level of trader.  The firm’s “What if I Had Invested” tool allows traders to learn from past mistakes and shows what an asset would currently be worth, if they had invested.  

Capital One Investing App 

Investors who trade with Capital One Investing can enjoy the full range of platform features using its free mobile application for a variety of handheld electronic devices that include Smartphones, tablets, iOS, Android and Apple.

Capital One Investing Account Types 

Capital One Investing offers several types of accounts for its customers which are General Investment Accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts, Children’s and Custodial accounts.

Capital One Investing Demo Account 

The Capital One Investing website is very basic, user friendly and targeted to new investors.  Presumably because of this, the firm does not offer a demo account for investors to practice trading assets in various marketplaces, which is a huge disadvantage of the trading website.  

Capital One Investing Minimum Account Balance

There are no minimum trading account balance requirements with Capital One Investing, which is rare among online brokerages, and there are no annual inactivity fees for idle trading accounts.

Capital One Investing Commission and Fees 

Capital One Investing charges a $6.95 trade commission for stocks and ETFs, which is more expensive than discount brokers, but less costly than full service brokerages. Investors who use ShareBuilder investment plans with automatic trading are only charged $3.95 per trade.   

Capital One charges $19.95 for mutual fund trades and Broker Assisted Trades of any kind.  511 no-transaction fee mutual fund options are also available.  Option trading involves a commission of $6.95 plus seventy-five cents per option trading contract. 

CapitalOne Investing does not offer commission free ETFs, which are quickly becoming popular investment options.  A lot of online brokers offer commission free options on at least a small selection of ETFs, but not CapitalOne. 

Capital One Investing Margin Requirements

Capital One Investing margin requirements is fixed, The amount of margin that you are required with Capital One Investing to put up for each currency pair varies by the leverage. For example, If you use 50:1 leverage then you may be required to put up €200 to hold a €10,000 position.

Capital One Investing Promotions 

CapitalOne Investing occasionally offers incentives for customers to open new accounts.  These promotional opportunities are sometimes geared to any new customer and are sometimes only for those new customers who use a Capital One Investing partner. Some promotions are available for existing account holders that are based on minimum account balances, trading activity or other criteria.  As part of these promotions, the firm will issue a Capital OneInvesting Promo Code which consists of a specific series of numbers and/or letters that apply to certain promotions. 

Not every type of investment account will be eligible for every promotion and details can be found on each promotional disclosure.  Every promotional opportunity will involve its own unique qualifiers which can be requirements about new account deposits or transferring a certain amount of money or other security into an existing trading account from an outside source (not affiliated with CapitalOne) or transferring cash or other security between accounts.  Traders can conceivably earn two bonuses by getting one bonus for depositing funds (that meet the promotional criteria) into an existing account and another bonus for opening a new account.  Each bonus requires its own separate qualifying action which are defined in detail in each promotion’s disclosures. 

New account bonuses can be redeemed by clicking on the “Open an Account” link on the home page of  If a trader is following a link from an outside source, the promotional code will be filled in automatically.  

Existing account owners can redeem promotional bonuses by using their Capital One Investing login to access their “Accounts” tab and then the “Overview” and “Profile & Settings” tabs.  The Accounts tab lets traders select which account they want the bonus applied to and an in-page “Enter Promotion” tab provides space for entering the Capital One Investing Promo Code, after which you click on “Submit” to complete the transaction. 

CapitalOne Investing promo codes are typically found via advertising links or in emails but the firm distributes them in other ways as well.  The company’s customer service representatives are not able to supply bonus codes to new or existing customers. All promotional opportunities and the particular qualifying terms unique to each one are well defined on  

Traders interested in promotional options should read all the details carefully and especially note the deadlines for entering the promotion, all terms of the offer and make sure their particular trading accounts qualify.  

Capital One Investing Deposits and Withdrawals 

Capital One Investing accounts can be funded via check, money order, wire transfer, direct deposit, payroll deposit, as well as one time and recurring electronic fund transfers (EFTs) between financial institutions.  Cash is not an allowable form of depositing funds and absolutely will not be accepted.  

Deposited funds can be used to pay for Express Funding and ShareBuilder Investment Plan purchases or funds for those transactions can be drawn directly from a designated checking or savings account. 

Withdrawals are permitted of “settled” funds that are not reserved for trades or other transfers or subject to a holding period and withdrawals can be made at any time using the same methods as deposits, which are checks, money orders, wire Capital One transfer, direct or payroll deposits and EFTs.  EFTs are processed the next business day free of charge; checks are processed within 1 to 5 business days and involve a $5 processing charge; and wire transfers are processed within 1 day and involve a $30 processing charge.

Capital One Investing Customer Service 

Capital One Investing customer support services are available during regular business hours via live chat on the internet, phone, email or in person at a branch office.

Capital One Investing Login

For login to Capital One Investing you can visit the broker website, After sign up you can check your email and do Capital One Investing login.

Capital One Investing Minimum Deposit

At Capital One Investing you are limited to $5,000 in outstanding Express Funding transfers at any one time, and the minimum deposit amount is $35.00. There is a $6.95 charge for each trade that uses Express Funding. This charge is added to the cost of your trade. The charge is waived if the money is coming from a Capital One bank account.

Capital One Investing Bitcoin Trading

At CapitalOneInvesting you can buy or sell CryptoCurrencies like BTC but you can not deposit or withdrawal with Bitcoins, So Capital One Investing Bitcoin chart is available for trading.

Capital One Investing Live Chat

To get a fast support you can use Capital One Investing Live chat, The Capital One Investing Live Support is also available to support clients, To use Capital One Investing customer support just visit the broker’s website.

Capital One Investing Trading Hours

Capital One Investing Trading hours of operation coincide with the global financial markets. Online CFDs and Forex trading is available from Sunday 5 p.m. to Friday 5 p.m., New York time.

Capital One Investing US Address

The Capital One Investing contact Address in U.S. is:

PO Box 259008, Plano, TX 75025

Capital One Investing Phone Number

The Capital One Investing Contact Number is listed below:

General Questions

Talk to a Retirement Specialist

Place a trade by phone ($19.95)

Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 AM – 9 PM ET.

Capital One Investing Reviews Conclusion 

Capital One Investing broker does not have a separate web-based or desktop trading platform, but only offers its own proprietary website for traders.  The website is well organized and user friendly and is better suited for beginning investors who will not miss the robust trading platforms offered by other brokerages.  Capital One’s exclusive automatic investing plans allow for lower broker commissions but the firm does not offer any commission-free ETFs, which are becoming popular types of investments and other brokers offer at least a limited selection of ETFs that can be purchased without paying commissions. 

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