eTrade IRA

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What Is eTrade IRA Account

E*Trade customers can choose from a variety of IRAs designed to grow earnings using short and long term investment strategies and include the following types of trading accounts: 

  • Rollover IRA Accounts allow traders to transfer old 401(k) proceeds into a new IRA that provides greater flexibility and better control of personal investments. 

  • Traditional IRA Accounts allow investors to make tax-deductible contributions to their retirement savings accounts to increase tax-deferred retirement earnings. 

  • Roth IRA Accounts allow tax-free growth of investments and tax and penalty-free fund withdrawals at any time on certain qualified distributions. 

  • Beneficiary IRA Accounts are designed for people who have inherited IRA assets and want to preserve and protect those assets until tax-deferred distribution. 

  • E*Trade’s Complete IRA Account allows people over 59 and a half years old to upgrade existing E*Trade IRA Accounts into this newer, more flexible and convenient Complete IRA Account that offers a a full range of cash management tools and features. 

  • IRA for Minor Accounts are opened to benefit a minor child who has earned income and wants to save money for his or her own future.  These accounts are typically managed by a parent or legal guardian until the minor reaches the age of majority.

eTrade IRA Account Conclusion

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