eTrade Retirement Accounts

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eTrade Retirement Accounts Review

ETrade clients who own small businesses can open a variety of accounts designed to help owners offer retirement benefits to employees who want to establish and contribute to some sort of retirement savings.  These types of accounts include the following: 

  • Individual and Roth Individual 401(k) Accounts are designed for self-employed people who run small businesses that have no employees other than a spouse and who want to maximize retirement savings. 

  • Simple IRA Accounts are similar to 401(k) savings accounts and provide an inexpensive and easy way to administer retirement plans for businesses with less than 100 employees 

  • SEP IRA Accounts are Simplified Employee Pension IRAs for small businesses and self-employed folks who are looking for a low cost and tax deferred retirement savings account. 

  • Profit Sharing Plan Accounts are flexible means for small business owners to make contributions to their each of their employees’ retirement savings funds.  

  • Investment Only (Non-Custodial Accounts) are retirement plans with flexible choices for plan administrators and others who manage investment funds of others. 

  • Money Purchase Plan Accounts allow employees of small businesses to contribute a maximum equal to 25% of total compensation to a tax-deferred individual retirement account.

eTrade Retirement Accounts Conclusion

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