Fxpro Account Types

Fxpro Account Types explained by Forex experts, All about Fxpro trading accounts like micro, VIP or PAMM, do Fxpro Account comparison.

Fxpro Account Types

Investors can open several different types of trading accounts using the FxPro trading platform, which are Demo Accounts, Real Trading Accounts and PAMM Accounts.  

FxPro Demo Account

FxPro broker offer a free demo account that provides the ideal way to practice making Foreign exchange trades in a risk free environment that won’t actually inflict any damage to your financial portfolio.

Real Trading Account 

Investors who open Real Trading Accounts with FxPro will be able to access asset and market information and conduct live trading of a variety of assets offered by the firm, which include forex, precious metals, energy and index assets. VIP customer services are provided to traders who enjoy a high net worth that allows them to engage in higher volumes of trading.  

Micro Account

The broker provides micro lots and you can start trading from 0.01 lots with a FxPro micro account, The micro lots trading is available on all of the broker’s platforms.

FXPro PAMM Account 

FxPro offers busy investors the option of opening PAMM Accounts, which are managed trading portfolio accounts that take the pressure off the trader and allow reliance on the experience and knowledge of seasoned Fxpro account managers for maintaining day to day oversight of trading activities.