This HYCM review was conducted by the team of for those who want to know about the HYCM broker. Owned by Henyep Capital Markets UK Ltd and a subsidiary of the... more" />

HYCM Review

This HYCM review was conducted by the team of for those who want to know about the HYCM broker. Owned by Henyep Capital Markets UK Ltd and a subsidiary of the Henyep Group, HY Markets is an online broker based in UK which provides their customers with access to international marketplaces. They provide what some would consider a varied range of products which includes precious metals, commodities, Forex, stocks and indices however there are numerous other brokers which provide these products as well.

HYCM Customer Service

HYCM has a reputation for excellence and professionalism and this is certainly not deficient in the area of customer service. The customer contact service Center is open from 23.00 on Sundays, right through to 21.00 on Fridays, which means there is somebody to help when wanted. There are a number of methods to get in touch, comprising a number of a telephone call Center, head office email addresses, and the very helpful live chat option, while an immediate response if needed.

As well as take care of customer problems, HYCM also have faith in educating their customers, and to this end, and there is an inordinate variety of online eBooks and videos available. Subjects covered comprise the very basic as well as more difficult topics such as capital management trading psychology, trading strategies and market analysis. Also, comprised is a helpful leader to the MT4 trading platform.

HYCM Accounts Review

HY Markets has four different types of trading accounts. These are discussed below:

Mini Trading Account
This necessitates a minimum deposit of 50 dollars and has a maximum leverage of 1:300. The trade size is nearby 1/50 of the premium contract size and it moreover carries low spread from 1.8 pips. It is mainly geared towards novel traders.

Standard Trading Account

Needing a minimum deposit of 750 dollars, the standard trading account was intended with more knowledge traders in mind. The leverage, equal to the Micro account, be very successful at 1:300 and spreads start from 1:8 pips. The trade size still is 1/10 of the premium contract size.

Premium Trading Account

This account was intended for those traders who required the VIP treatment. Its minimum deposit is moderately high at 2500 dollars. Though, the spreads and maximum leverage are the same as the Micro and Standard account at 1:300 and 1.8 pips correspondingly. The contract size still is regular as the other accounts are associated to it.

HY Pro Trader Account

The highest minimum deposit at 10,000 dollars, the Pro Trader account varies the most from all other types. Specifically because it uses a No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution with straight through processing (STP). It also has the lowest spreads at 0.5 pip and lowest leverage at 1:100. The contract size is also half of the premium contract.

The “ForexSQ” forex website provide you all information about HYCM bonus and account types.

HYCM Platforms Review

HYCM provides their traders access to not a numeral of different platforms so that they have selections in how they trade.

These platforms are:

  • HY MT4 Download
  • HY MT Mobile
  • HY MT4 Webtrader
  • HY Webtrader

The one which stances the maximum on this list is the HY MT4 Download and this is because this is HYCM’s version of the extremely respected MT4 platform which has garnered admiration from both traders and brokers alike all across the financial trading world specifically for its ability to provide detailed analysis along with customizability and the fact that it is free. The leading disadvantage of the MT4 trader in this case, like many others, is that it essentials to be downloaded.

This is our HYCM authentic review and we will say that whereas the HY MT4 Webtrader does not need to be downloaded, then it is like the online version of Microsoft Word as different to the complete version which you can find on your computer. Also, it is significant to note that the MT4 platforms are customizable which means any broker can subtract or add things from it to outfit their needs, this clarifies why the HY MT4 trader lacks certain tools which would make a noticeable difference in your trading knowledge.

The HY Webtrader is HYCM’s own WebTrader. It is certainly easy to use however it is not as inclusive and effective as fully loaded MT4 trader which you can find with any trustworthy broker.

The HY MT Mobile platform is actually light but that is to be anticipated since mobile versions always have their limits but are still useful for traders on the go. Our HYCM broker review is not like several others online because we are not paid or else compensated to feed you wrong information like others.

HYCM Review Conclusion

If you want to test the broker and open free HYCM demo account the visit “” HYCM review page. Thank you for reading our HYCM forex review. However, we had high hopes for HY Markets. We recommend you find a broker that does not trust on previous reputation alone but also carry on to provide their customers with high quality service. HYCM broker is owner of PIPTrade brokerage. If you like this HYCM review conducted by then share it on social media networks please. You can follow HYCM broker on Google+, Facebook, Twitter.

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