IG Trading Fees

IG Trading Fees by, All you need to know about IG share Trading Fees, Before open online trading account read about IG Index Trading Fees.

IG Trading Fees

If you don’t have a spread betting or CFD account that’s accessible under the same login as your share dealing account, or you’ve not placed at least one spread bet or CFD trade in the previous month, your commission on UK stocks will be determined based on your share-dealing activity.

Number of trades (in previous month)Commission per trade*Minimum charge onlineMinimum charge phone
10+ trades£5£5£40
0-9 trades£8£8£40

* Please note that rates are valid up to £25,000 trade consideration. Rates above this trade size are agreed by negotiation. Please call 0207 663 0336.

If execution of a trade takes place over multiple days, you will be charged commission for each day where a proportion of the trade is filled.

IG Trading Fees on CFDs

If your share dealing account is accessible under the same login as an active spread betting or CFD account, you will automatically qualify for our lowest commission rate if you’ve placed at least one spread bet or CFD trade in the previous calendar month.

Trading activity in previous monthCommission per trade (UK shares only)*
1 or more spread bets or CFD trades£5

International shares

For all other shares, we charge the following:

RegionCommission per tradeMinimum charge onlineMinimum charge phone
USA2 cents per share$15$50


ISA Charges vs IG Share Trading Fees

ISA charges and limits are similar to the IG share dealing charges:

  • Free set-up or transfer
  • Annual allowance of £20,000 for 2017/18
  • Commission charges as above

IG Withdrawal Fees

IG Withdrawal fees is free, Consolidate your share holdings by transferring any existing stocks to your IG share dealing account for free:

  • Free transfer of UK stocks in / out
  • Free transfer of UK stocks and shares ISA in / out
  • Free transfer of UK SIPP in / out

IG Foriegn Exchange Fees

For relevant transactions, IG Forex group will convert currencies at the time of execution based on the best available bid / offer exchange rates, plus our spread of 0.3%.

Other IG Trading Fees

Standard bank transferFree
Voting on company mattersFree
Same-day bank transferMore than £100: Free Less than £100: £15
International bank transferFree (although there may be a charge from the bank side)
Physical share certificate dematerialisationEach £50 plus VAT
Inactivity fee1£12 per month, charged if you have no activity across any IG account for 24 consecutive months. Dividend payments count as activity.
Additional services2Each £100 plus VAT
Deposit feeFree if you make a deposit via credit card or PayPal


1 A £12 per month inactivity fee will be applied if you don’t engage in any trading activity at all across any account that you hold (share dealing, spread betting or CFDs) for 24 consecutive months. This fee will not be applied retrospectively, it will only apply from the 25th month onwards.

2 Additional services include repair or voiding of an ISA and the following optional services: recertification, arranging AGM attendance and receiving hard copies of company reports.

IG Markets Fees conclusion

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