How to Make Money on IQ Option?

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How to Make Money on IQ Option?

An example of making money on IQ Option is more about taking a look at the red candle that crosses or breaks the moving average. If ever it does, wait for a few seconds for the red candle to open. When the second red candle has been opened, wait for about three seconds. If ever it still goes down, simply take a PUT. The moment that it reverses and it still goes up, never take this trade anymore.

Take a closer look at the green candle that will cross or break the moving average. After it does, you need to wait for the 2nd green candle and until it gets opened. When the 2nd green candle is already open, wait for three seconds. If it still goes up, you need to take a CALL. If ever it still reverses and it goes down, never take the trade anymore.

If ever you win the trade, make $1 trade. If ever you lose the trade, continue to the step 2.2 for the next trade. If ever you win the trade, you will then go back to the 1st step. If ever you have lost this trade, you will then continue the 3rd step.

As per this strategy of making money on IQ Option, this is only intended for accounts with 200 dollars in the balance or even less. If you have 1000 dollars in your account, you could trade with five dollar trades. You may also follow just exactly the same money management.