Blue Trading

Blue Trading is a stock/FX/cryptocurrencies/commodities trading platform that offers managed trading accounts with free registration. The process of trading at Blue Trading is simple, transparent, and straightforward.  Once a user registers on the platform and starts trading, his account is managed by a highly competent team of experienced traders who perform all the trading activities and take all the trading decisions on behalf of the investor. This makes BlueTrading an ideal platform for those traders who have less time to invest in trading or those investors who are new to the trading market and have little to no knowledge of how things work.

Keeping in view the rapidly growing market of cryptocurrencies, Blue Trading has developed a trading platform that provides a seamless user experience for the cryptocurrency traders. Moreover, the platform supports multiple accounts for a single user and there are no charges for creating a trading account. This means that a user can invest in as many accounts as he likes without worrying about account management or associated charges.

Blue Trading doesn’t charge its account holders for managing their accounts. There is a flat rate of 18% on the net income at the end of the year. Also if the profits of an account exceed €10,000, the account is dealt as a VIP account and only 14% of the net profit is deducted as the service fee.  Blue Trading also runs an affiliate program where affiliate marketers can earn on revenue sharing basis.

For investors who like to have managed trading accounts or those who have limited knowledge of the financial market, Blue Trading is a must try. Go to Blue Trading site for more information. A team of customer support personnel is available 24 hours for assistance on weekdays.

Blue Trading Review Conclusion

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