Capital One Individual Retirement Account

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Capital One Individual Retirement Account Review

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are investment accounts used for people to plan and save money for the day when they will no longer be working and earning a steady income. IRAs help investors build their futures with saved income that provides certain tax advantages to those who qualify.  The Internal Revenue Service regularly updates annual contribution limits, gross income requirements and other things related to IRAs, the details of which change occasionally and are available on its website or from your financial advisor or Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  Capital One Investing offers Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs and the differences are as follows:

Capital One Traditional IRAs  

Traditional IRA Accounts have no income limits for folks under the age of 70 and a half at the end of the year in which the IRA account is opened.  Account holders must have earned income (or have a spouse with qualified earned income) to participate in a Traditional IRA.  Contributions to these types of IRA accounts are often tax deductible and allow people to deposit as much as $5,500 annually for those under the age of 49 and up to $6,500 a year for those over the age of 50.  

Contributions to Traditional IRAs are tax exempt only if neither the account holder nor his or her spouse has a plan offered through their employer.  Those who do have employer sponsored IRA plans can deduct all or part of their annual contributions, depending on the total annual income of those individuals.   

Withdrawals from Traditional IRA accounts have to start by the age of 70 and a half (minimum required distributions) and any withdrawals transacted prior to reaching the age of 59 and a half may be subject to early withdrawal penalties. 

Traditional IRA withdrawals are taxed unless the contributions were not tax-deductible at the time they were made.

Capital One Investing Roth IRAs 

People who open Roth IRA accounts must have earned income (or have a spouse with qualifying earned income) and are subject to the same age and annual deposit limits as Traditional IRAs, but those contributions are not tax deductible.  These funds are taxed right upfront which allows Roth IRA account holders to build tax-free savings for their futures without worrying about future increased tax rates. 

Withdrawals can be made from Roth IRA accounts at any time if the Roth IRA has been in existence for at least 5 years and the account owner is purchasing a first home or is at least 59 and a half years old and has not become disabled or passed away.  There are no required minimum withdrawals from Roth IRAs at any age.   

Withdrawals from Roth IRAs by account owners under the age of 59 and a half years may be subject to early withdrawal penalties.

Capital One Individual Retirement Account Conclusion

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