Charles Schwab Trading Platform

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What is Charles Schwab Trading Platform

Schwab offers Windows and Mac trading clients the use of several trading platforms that include, StreetSmart Edge and a mobile trading app. is the brokerage firm’s web-based platform for trading a variety of financial assets and instruments in multiple marketplaces and is easy to use and ideal for novice investors. 

StreetSmart Edge 

StreetSmart Edge is the latest edition of Schwab’s proprietary trading platform that is Cloud-based or available for Windows and is designed to operate the way investors think by identifying and acting on potentially lucrative investment opportunities using a wide range of tools and charts to create an efficient trading experience, especially for more active investors. 

Charles Schwab Mobile App 

Schwab offers clients the use of a mobile application designed to allow access to trading accounts and markets from anywhere and at anytime using a variety of handheld electronic mobile devices that include Smartphones, tablets and more.

Schwab Workplace Retirement App

With the Schwab Workplace Retirement App, you get on-the-go access to your retirement savings account, Enroll in your plan, Check your progress see how much you’re saving and how your balance may be changing, Monitor your personal performance.

Charles Schwab Trading Platform Conclusion

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