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Dailyfx Gold Chart

With Dailyfx Gold live price charts you can see the gold price live and get, gold news or analysis.

DailyFX was founded in 1999 as a news and analysis website wholly owned and operated by FXCM. By 2015 it had grown into one of the world’s leading forex sites, with over eight million page views every month. In September 2016, was bought by IG Group in a deal worth $40 million.

Daily FX is a website that provides news, research and education for the currency trading community. It is a subsidiary of IG Group. DailyF X is based in New York, but the website is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.

While predominantly focused on forex trading, Daily FX also covers commodities and indices. It does so over two main sections, split into news and technical analysis. The news section provides analysis of market movements and the economic or political factors behind them, while the technical analysis section examines promising chart formations on key financial markets.

The site also includes an economic calendar, educational guides and webinars, live prices and a series of research tools for active traders.

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