Fidelity Managed Accounts

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Fidelity Managed Accounts

For those investors who don’t have the requisite knowledge to successfully trade in financial markets or who may have the knowledge, but lack the time necessary to properly research investments and follow them from beginning to end, Fidelity offers Managed Accounts which are model portfolios of stocks, bonds and mutual funds that are completely overseen and managed by experienced financial professionals at Fidelity.  As with Retirement Accounts, Fidelity offers a variety of Managed Accounts which include: 

  • Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service Accounts require a minimum investment of $50,000 and provide a diverse portfolio (chosen by Fidelity professionals) of investments and professionals manage every aspect of the account, including making additional investments in assets similar to those of the portfolio. Advisory fees are charged for these accounts. 

  • Fidelity Personalized Portfolios require a minimum investment of $200,000 and portfolios consist of stocks, bonds, mutual and exchange-traded funds specifically selected by Fidelity’s Strategic Advisers for the needs of its clients. These accounts include professional management of clients’ trust assets and an annual gross advisory fee is charged. 

  • Fidelity GoSM Accounts couldn’t be any simpler: answer a couple questions and Fidelity will suggest a diverse portfolio of investments specifically designed for the timeline, goals and risk tolerance of each account holder. 

  • BlackRock Diversified Income Portfolio Accounts require a minimum investment of $200,000 and are primarily comprised of ETFs (but may contain other assets). Fidelity’s professional investment team seeks to gain more income from these assets than that which can be realized using more common sources of income. Annual advisory fees are charged. 

  • Breckinridge Intermediate Municipal Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) require a minimum investment of $500,000 and are primarily comprised of intermediate term, investment grade municipal bonds spread across a wide array of issuers, sectors and maturities.  Annual advisory fees are charged. 

  • Fidelity Equity Income Strategy Accounts are SMAs that require minimum investments of $200,000 and seek long-term increase of income through capital growth greater than the S&P 500 but with less volatility than typical in the U.S. stock market.  Investments are comprised of high quality dividend paying stock shares and annual advisory fees are charged. 

  • Fidelity Tax-managed U.S. Equity Index Strategy SMA Accounts require a minimum investment of $200,000 and uses tax focused investment strategies on investments primarily comprised of U.S. stocks, but with returns typical of the S&P 500.  Annual advisory fees are charged. 

Fidelity Managed Fund Conclusion

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