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How Forex Trading Helps You Feel Better

ForexSQ Forex experts say trading Foreign exchange currencies could help you decrease from pressure of depression because of difference of the FX market with other financial markets. Read about forex trading feeling below.

Forex trading feeling

According to the research conducted by ForexSQ Forex experts team on 100 patients that had depression, regardless of making money from foreign exchange market, trading Forex currencies helps the patients to feel better after 1 year Due to the unpredictable nature of the FX market comparing to the other financial markets like Stock markets, Bonds, CFDs, Commodities and betting markets.

In this research the ForexSQ experts team gave a free currency trading account to each of the patient and educated them to learn how to trade FX currencies online, the traders followed the market in daily base as they was curious what happen to the currency pairs in the next days and if the positions they took bring them profit or no.

Regardless of making profit after six months 90% of the traders feel better and become more active than previous months as the analysis and follow the Forex market daily to see what happen to their positions however more than half of them didn’t make any profit but they like trading Forex currencies as new experience and they say the Forex is unstoppable market that is why they follow it. They say in other markets like betting you will lose or win but in Forex trading market you don’t know you win or lose.

After 1 year  %70 of the traders completely become active traders and they told ForexSQ experts they trade Forex because it helps them to have better feeling and become more active person comparing to their life style at one year ago, they follow the market each day and they was curios for the futures of their positions to see if they are profitable in or no, some of them even become high prestige traders and make decent money, they made profitable strategies for themselves, %30 of the traders leaved Fx trading after one year but told ForexSQ team they like trading currencies as hobby as its unpredictable.

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