Fxstay Review

FxStay review by professional forex experts, This Fxstay reviews by experts conducted for those want to invest in managed forex accounts service, If you want to invest with the team first check is Fxstay legit and safe

Is Fxstay Legit and Safe

Below are the reasons why the Fxstay is not scam and you should invest with them

  • You don’t have to know anything about trading or the markets
  • You can open an account yourself using your name
  • Only investors can withdraw funds (including profits) from your investment account funds
  • Low management fees
  • High profit rates
  • You pay the FxStay team only when they make a profit for you
  • No hidden fees or commissions

Fxtsay Reviews

Here are the questions that an investor might ask before invest with the broker:

1-How much is your minimum Forex Managed Account ?

We suggest to start with Standard Forex Managed Account with minimum 100000$ but you can start with our Retail accounts start from $10000 or our Mini accounts start from $1000.

2-What is difference between Standard Forex Managed Account start from $100.000 and Mini Fx Accounts start from $1000 ?

There is not much difference between them but Standard Accounts trade with Safe Risk but Mini accounts trade with High Risk so the result is different, on standard accounts you get lower profit but there is much lower risk on your account so the main amount of your investment is safe but in Mini accounts you get more profit but you choose to put higher risk on your main investment, usually mini accounts is good for those investors want to risk and there is not important for them if lose money but they accept to risk double their money in short time.

3-What types Forex Managed Account you have?

we have 4 types of Forex Managed Account Retail – Standard – VIP – Gold VIP types.

4-Do you manage my Forex Investments in Fxstay Team account or in segregated account ?

As we do clear each client open his/her account with himself/herself and investor can withdraw and we just trade and investor access to account all time, its one of our advantages because we want our clients trust to us and we also trust them so each client have segregated account but if they want they can use Fxstay Team account but there is no access to account.

5-How much you get profit per a month ?

Profit is various each month and it depends to the market but if you want an average we get from 1% throw 10% per a month.

6-Do you have any Forex Managed Account Performance?

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

7-How much profit share of investor per each month ?

Depends to your Forex Managed Account type profit share is different.

8-How about loss?

The loss is a part of Forex and this is the risk that investor must accept it because each business has some risk.But the loss is limited as we trade with safe risk on most Forex Managed Accounts and as we are acquaintance and professional however if you don’t risk so there is no party.

9-What kind of Forex brokers you trade with?

Fxstay Management Team trade with NFA [National Futures Association] FSA [Financial Services Authority] and FINMA [ Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority ] regulated brokers.

10-I want to open a Forex Managed Account but still i have some questions ?

Please feel free to ask your questions with us with emails.

Fxstay Review conclusion

At the end of this Fxstay review i want to say even if you find a safe forex managed accounts service then invest small amounts with them and once you finding out they are professional and bring you profit then increase investment.

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