How to use MetaTrader 4

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How to use MetaTrader 4 Tutorial

If you want to know How to use MetaTrader 4 then you can register with a broker and download MT4 platform free, then you can practice to know How to use MetaTrader 4 app.

The menus and toolbar of MT4 makes the task as few clicks. The menus provided in this online forex trading platform are as listed below (We use Fxstay as source of this article about How to use MetaTrader 4 app):

• File Menu
• View Menu
• Insert Menu
• Charts Menu
• Tools Menu
• Window Menu
• Help Menu

Menus are shown in the figure below.

MT4 File Menu

File Menu: In this menu, you can login, open an account, open new charts to work with, manage profiles, collect data and charts, save history data in CSV and HTML format. This menu also has “print preview” and “print” option so that charts can be printed and print preview can be send before the print command is send. With the login command of this menu, you can login to your trade account and start trading. The command named “Open an account” allows creating a demo account if you are only a guest user. Demo accounts do not need any deposit. These accounts are helpful in learning trading techniques.

MT4 Trading Menu

View Menu: The commands included in the view menu are data window, Marketwatch, language, toolbar, status bar, charts bar and full screen mode. With the data window, you can see the price and information about indicators. Status bar is present in the lower portion of the Metatrader software and is used to enable to disable the status bar. The command named “charts bar” opens the charts in the workspace quickly. Marketwatch is also termed as signal window and is used to display the current quotes. Languages option helps to switch to the language of any country you want. You can set the language of your country with just one click but to display everything in your preferred language the software needs to be restarted.

MT4 view menu

Insert Menu: This menu has the collection of commands such as technical indicators, line studies, channels, Fibonacci, shapes and arrows. Andrew’s Pitchfork, Cycle lines, text and text label are located in the last of the Insert Menu. Shapes allow selecting any area in the chart. Shapes are geometrical figures such as triangle, rectangle and ellipse. Arrows are symbols such as check symbols, price symbols and stop symbols that allow selecting important points in a chart. Text command is used to add comments on the chart and the command named “text label” is used to add comments on the window coordinates. Text label do not move if the chart scrolls. Technical Indicators such as Accelerator Oscillator, Alligator etc are grouped in the “Indicators” sub menu.

MT4 Insert Menu

Chart Menu: This menu includes the commands such as Indicators list, bar chart, candlesticks, line chart, foreground chart, periodicity etc. Indicators list show the list of indicators. You can change the settings of any indicator by selecting it or you can also delete it from the list. Bar chart show the sequence of bars, candlesticks display the sequence of candlesticks and in the line chart, broken line is used to represent close prices. With the periodicity command of the Chart menu, you can select the timeframe.

Tools Menu: Tools menu is used for setting your terminal according to your requirements. The commands in this menu are New Order, History Center, Global Variables, Metaquotes language editor and Options. New Order button is used to place new orders. New orders could be market orders or pending orders. History center shows the history data. This command is used to edit the quotes used building charts. The shortcut key to “History Center” is F2 button.
Global variables are used when information is needed to be exchanged. Global variables window can be accessed from the Tools menu. You can add a global variable, delete or rename existing global variables through the “Global Variables” window. Double click the left mouse button in the corresponding cell to change the value or name of any global variable.

MT4 Tools Menu

Window Menu: Commands of Window menu are not too important in trading and include only Cascade, Tile Horizontally, Tile Vertically and Arrange Icons. The command named “Tile Horizontally” is used to arrange the charts horizontally and “Tile Vertically” is used to arrange the charts vertically.

MT4 Window Menu

Help Menu: This menu is used to help the users to learn this trading software. This menu has only 2 commands: Help Topics and About. The command “Help Topics” contain the full user guide for the users and “About” command tells about the company and its contact details that is why metatrader 4 is the best forex trading platform for beginners.

How to use MT4 app conclusion

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