Interactive Brokers Review

This Interactive Brokers review was led by the team of for those who need to know about how to open a trading account with InteractiveBrokers forex company. It is a top choice for active and expert traders who need to trade any investment product for the lowermost costs and charges in the industry. The trading platforms normally suit the requirements of knowledgeable investors who don’t necessitate the extra resources provided by the main brokers, Read this Interactive Brokers review to the end before open online currency trading account with IB forex company.

Interactive Brokers Trading Platform

Its trading platform is Trader Workstation, and shortly called TWS. It is Java based and will run on any computer system with a current JAVA environment (Mac, Windows, most UNIX, and Linux). I have personal knowledge running it on Linux and Windows, and both worked well. TWS is an actual complex part of software – its rudimentary functions are order entry, book possession and charting. Moreover, it comprises a kitchen sink of other features such as news feeds, trading helps for exact types of trading (mainly options stuff), algorithm support for uncommon types of order etc. If certain of this stuff causes your eyes to cover over, that’s OK – you don’t have to usage it. Generally, TWS is somewhat solid (its presence hasn’t changed in ten years) but it is practical. For complete information about the Interactive Brokers or IB platforms visit “”.

Account Types

Cash accounts that can simply enter extended securities positions, covered short option positions and long option positions.

Margin accounts which permit the buying of securities on margin, small security positions, naked options positions and futures positions.

Portfolio margin accounts which permit the similar positions as “regular” margin accounts, but usage a dissimilar method for calculating margin necessities that is normally far more positive for the customer in the sense of permitting more leverage. The lowest account balance of $100,000 is essential for portfolio margin and foreign accounts might not be qualified.

Minimum deposit is $10,000 USD

If you come about to be under 25 years of age, while the minimum deposit drops down to just $3,000 USD.

Minimum trade commission

Trades of fewer than $10,000 will find themselves depending on a $2/ trade minimum commission. However, as this is a broker who purposes its services at traders who trade well in extra of such amount, this actually proves to be a matter.

Low Margin Rates

  • Prime – 1.23 on balances >= $1,150,000
  • Prime – 0.73 on balances > $115,000
  • Prime – 0.23 on balances < = $115,000

Customer Service

IB provides 24-hour weekday customer service through regional Customers Service Centers positioned through-out Asia, Europe and America. Whereas there’s an agent at all times available to help with your inquiries, answers can oftentimes be found fastest and without a phone call directly from the website of IB.


For complete review about the Interactive Brokers visit “”. If you have a suitable level of knowledge to usage the Interactive Brokers software, and their valuing model is eye-catching for the type of trading you do formerly they are normally the best accessible brokerage choice. There’s a good purpose Interactive Brokers is the most prevalent presume brokerage – in a business full of cranks and the skilfully unhappy, Interactive Brokers has generally happy customers, Wikipedia says. You can download interactive brokers Android app or iTunes IOS application for mobile trading.

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