Merrill Edge Guided Investing

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What is Merrill Edge Guided Investing Account?

With Merrill Edge Guided Investing (MEGI), you get what you like about online investing combined with a portfolio that is professionally managed by Merrill Lynch at a low cost, There are different Merrill Edge Guided Investing accounts that list below:

  • Online Brokerage Accounts are designed for individual or joint investing or as a custodial investment account maintained on behalf of a minor beneficiary. 

  • Trust Accounts are designed for Trust Administrators’ use in managing whatever assets are the subject of the Trust that holds those assets on behalf of family or other named beneficiaries. 

  • Estate Accounts are designed for Executors who manage the assets that comprise a deceased person’s Estate, including payment of costs and qualified disbursements. 

Merrill Lynch Guided Investing Account Conclusion

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