Is Pepperstone an ECN broker

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Is Pepperstone an ECN broker?

Pepperstone is popular for faster trade executions and this is possible for this firm due to different reasons. Let us explore the reasons here in this Pepperstone trading review:

For those asking ‘is Pepperstone an ECN broker?’ The answer is of course yes. The Pepperstone is a true ECN Broker. The brokerage firm permits ECN Forex trading without the intervention of any dealer via their Razor Account. Called as Edge environment, Forex traders using this platform will be in a position to get direct access to liquid currency pools. This includes large financial institutions internationally. Dormancy can be as low as 0.05 of a second with delays eliminated and immediate settlement assured. Execution speeds are further increased by up to 12x due to the following reasons:

Quicker global trading servers

Pepperstone is associated with Equinix. This is one of the leading listed firms of NASDAQ. The servers are set up at London and at the Wall Street to gain access to closer strategic liquidity pools with 150+ financial service providers, 400+buy/sell firms and 60+ Exchanges.

Optical fibre from Australia to Wall Street

Another reason for quicker Pepperstone forex trading is that the company uses an optical fibre network. This happens right from Sydney to their New York Equinox Servers. This means that brokers in Australia working for this company need not have to concern about the thousands of miles that their information should travel to execute their trade. Nearly, 10x inactivity reductions happen due to the optical fibre. This is the answer for those concerned about ‘how does Pepperstone work?’

Pepperstone ECN Razor Account

The Pepperstone ECN Razor account is another type of account. This Pepperstone razor is designed for advanced and also EA Traders. This type of account employs Raw ECN spreads starting from 0.1 Pips and the Pepperstone fees for this account is $3.5 commission for every 100k Trade.

In addition, Pepperstone offers the institution partners and active traders with an additional account. This account is called as the Platinum account with a higher level of service apart from superior ECN EDGE Execution. This account type is unique with a dedicated relationship manager.

Pepperstone ECN review

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