Pepperstone PAMM

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Pepperstone PAMM Account

The Pepperstone PAMM account is available and you can open and manage the Pepperstone PAMM account through cTrade platform.

What Is PAMM Account?

The PAMM system uses a management model that distributes trade size and client trading fund allocations according to contributions made by traders. A PAMM broker also allows traders to allocate a percentage of their trading account funds to one or more additional account managers for PAMM trading.   

The PAMM broker designates a director or manager uses a master account from which he or she manages multiple trading accounts on behalf of clients around the world.  The master account of the PAMM manager maintains capital assets that are equal to the sum of the value of all the client subaccounts they manage.  All client funds are aggregated into a single managed trading account.  

The PAMM director conducts trades that are automatically replicated in all the client subaccounts and divided among those individual subaccounts according to the percentage of equity each one represents in relation to the total equity of all combined subaccounts managed (the total of capital held and managed by the broker’s account manager on behalf of trading clients). 

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