Forex Trading

Mini Forex Trading For Beginners

Mini Forex trading is good for newbies traders, As you know Forex Market is risky and traders are not successful to make profit from their currency trading so now i will show you how you can become a successful and experienced trader so read this article to the end .

What is Mini Forex Trading

There are several different trading style for several traders like Demo , Micro or Mini and standard accounts but now we focus on Mini Forex accounts because Mini Forex Trading is good for most of traders with  small amount of money .

Another advantages for Mini Forex Trading is you can open your account with most of brokers and there is no restriction on mini accounts. Most of mini brokers support you to open your account because almost all traders interested in mini accounts however the amount you invest in their broker is low .

Most of Mini Forex Brokers provide you high leverage even sometimes you can get 1:500, So you don’t need to invest alot of money because you can use big leverage then there is no need to invest alot of money while you have big leverage.

Brokers provide you fast execution on Mini or Micro Forex accounts however you don’t have this advantage on standard accounts because on Mini Forex Trading you choose lower lot size than the standard one so the brokers can match your positions much more faster than the standard ones, but on big amounts like standard accounts your lot sizes are bigger than Mini Trading so brokers need more time to match your positions with other brokers, even sometimes you get 1 minute delay on standard account and you force to pay much more pips to your broker but on Mini Forex Trading you wont have any delay on your positions at all .

Although Mini trading has much more advantages from standard one but there are some dis advantages on mini accounts like wider spreads, because almost most of Mini Brokers get more spread on mini and Micro Forex accounts than the standard one, For example if you pay 1 pip on Euro Vs U.S Dollar pair but you must pay 2 or 3 pip on mini or micro accounts .

The profit you get on mini accounts are smaller than standard accounts because you trade with lower lot sizes or lower amount of money and this is not good for full time traders but if you are a newbie trader, the micro or mini Forex trading is good for you because if you lose your money you can invest another amount immediately and start make profit .