UBS Wealth Management

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What is UBS Wealth Management

UBS’s wealth management division offers high-net-worth individuals around the world (with the exception of those served by the division of Wealth Management Americas)  a range of advisory and investment products and services. As of the end of 2016, UBS Wealth Management’s invested assets totaled CHF 977 billion.  The whole companies assets under management (AuM) amounted to US$1,737.5 billion in 2015, representing a 1% decrease in AuM compared to the equivalent data of 2014.

More than 60% of total invested assets in UBS Wealth Management belong to individuals with a net-worth of CHF 10 million or more. Of the remaining 40% of total invested assets, 30% of the total belong to individuals with net-worth between CHF 1 million and CHF 10 million and the last 10% of total assets belong to individuals with a net-worth of less than CHF 1 million.

UBS offers brokerage services and products as well as asset management and other investment advisory and portfolio management products and services.  Additionally, UBS provides a broad range of securities and savings products that are supported by the firm’s underwriting and research activities as well as order execution and clearing services for transactions originated by individual investors.

The business is further divided geographically with separate businesses focused on the U.S. and other international markets. Two-thirds of the total invested assets come from Europe and Switzerland with the final one-third coming mainly from the Asia-Pacific region.

With its headquarters in Switzerland, UBS Wealth Management is present in more than 40 countries with approximately 190 offices (100 of which are in Switzerland). As of the end of 2016, around 13,500 people worldwide were employed by UBS Wealth Management.

In Switzerland, UBS Swiss Bank provides a complete set of retail banking services that includes checking, savings, credit cards, and mortgage products for individuals. They offer cash management and commercial banking services for small businesses and corporate clients as well.

UBS’s main competitors in this division are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley.

UBS Wealth Management Conclusion

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