What is Thinkorswim

Thinkorswim review by online trading professional, all you need to know about Thinkorswim platform like how to do Thinkorswim login or how to open Thinkorswim demo account, Finding out how much is Thinkorswim deposits and withdrawals fees or how to download Thinkorswim trading platform, You will also know about what is Thinkorswim minimum deposit and is Thinkorswim app for Android and iPhone available or no.

What is Thinkorswim

Thinkorswim (often stylized and officially branded as “thinkorswim”, lacking capitalization) is a software product by TD Ameritrade that offers tools and educational services for online investing. It is geared for self-directed stock, options and futures traders. It was previously offered by ThinkorSwim Group, Inc., which was purchased by TD Ameritrade in 2009.

TD Ameritrade provides services for self-directed option traders and institutional users who invest in equities, exchange-traded funds, futures, mutual funds and bonds.

Thinkorswim provides investor education and services for self-directed investors including trading tools and analytics. It offers a range of investor education products in a variety of interactive delivery formats, including instructor-led synchronous and asynchronous online courses, in-person workshops, one-on-one and one-to-many online coaching programs and telephone, live-chat and email support. Thinkorswim is used in conjunction with trades of equity securities, fixed income, index products, options, futures, other derivatives and foreign exchange. The Thinkorswim software is provided free for account holders of TD Ameritrade and trades via the TD Ameritrade platform cost $6.95 each.

Thinkorswim Trading Platforms 

The Thinkorswim forex broker offers traders different trading platforms include “Paper Money” Trading platform, All of the trading platforms are available to download for mobile trading.

Thinkorswim MT4 Platform 

At current moment Thinkorswim broker dose not provide Metatrader 4 platform, The MT4 platform is included by most brokers in addition to their own proprietary platforms (and others) for the convenience of clients who want to use different platforms separately or in conjunction with one another. 

Thinkorswim Mobile Applications 

The Thinkorswim Apps and trading markets are accessible using a variety of the most popularly used electronic handheld devices that include iPhones, Blackberry and Androids. The Thinkorswim Apps is free for both Android and IOS, You can download The Thinkorswim App for Android from Google Play and download The Thinkorswim App for iPhone from Apple app store. 

Thinkorswim Account Types 

The Thinkorswim broker offers two types of accounts for its clients which are a Standard active trading account or Demo trading account.  

Standard Account 

Traders who open Standard trading accounts will have access to all the valuable tools and features for trading the full range of assets offered by The Thinkorswim and there are no minimum trade requirements.  Both notice and experienced traders will benefit from the free Demo Account included within the Standard Account that allows traders to practice researching, formulating, placing and tracking trades in a virtual world before risking real money to trade in active financial markets. 

Thinkorswim Demo Account 

When clients open an online trading account, they are able to use an unlimited free The Thinkorswim Forex demo account that comes loaded with $100,000 of virtual money for traders to use for practicing currency trading before actually risking real money in a real world trading market.

To open a demo trading account with Thinkorswim you just need to visit the broker’s website and sign up free then you will receive free instructions by email.

Thinkorswim Spreads and Commissions

Like most online brokers, the Thinkorswim broker does not charge commissions for trades, hidden fees or other charges.  The broker makes money by charging traders a slight spread that is included on all trading activities based on real time market values transacted by the client through the broker.  Spreads start as low as 2 pips (points in percentage) for forex trades (depending on currency traded).

Traders should be aware that trading during volatile times created by adverse global events or financial news is much more risky and broker spreads tend to be wider.  

Thinkorswim Leverage

The Thinkorswim leverage starts from 1:1 up to maximum 1:50, However the broker provides high leverage trading but if you are a newbie forex trader then avoid to use high leverage as it will increase to lose all of your capital.

Thinkorswim Margin Requirements

Thinkorswim margin requirements is fixed, The amount of margin that you are required with Thinkorswim to put up for each currency pair varies by the leverage. For example, If you use 50:1 leverage then you may be required to put up €200 to hold a €10,000 position.

Thinkorswim Promotions

The Thinkorswim broker does not offer incentives to traders in the form of promotional opportunities, unlike many of its competitors.

Thinkorswim Deposits and Withdrawals 

Clients using Thinkorswim trading accounts can deposit funds using a variety of methods that include credit cards, checks, bank wire transfers and PayPal.  Trading account withdrawals can be conducted using the same methods and require proper identification of account holders in accordance with strict international financial guidelines designed to prevent financial crimes like identity theft and money laundering. 

Thinkorswim Deposit Fees

The Thinkorswim Deposit fees is Zero, It means you will not pay any money as Thinkorswim deposit fess.

Thinkorswim Deposit Time

The Thinkorswim Deposit time is between 1 through 3 business day and it depends to the methods you deposit your Thinkorswim account. 

Thinkorswim Withdrawal Methods

Thinkorswim withdrawal methods is various, Clients can using a variety of methods that include credit cards, checks, bank wire transfers and PayPal. Trading account withdrawals require proper identification of account holders in accordance with strict international financial guidelines designed to prevent financial crimes like identity theft and money laundering.

Thinkorswim Withdrawal Fees

The Thinkorswim Withdrawal fees starts from Zero up to $20, The Thinkorswim withdrawal fees depends to which country and methods you want to receive funds.

Thinkorswim Withdrawal Time

The Thinkorswim Withdrawal time is between 3 through 5 business day and it depends to the methods you Withdrawal from your Thinkorswim account. 

Thinkorswim Withdrawal Problem

If you have any Thinkorswim Withdrawal Problem then you can contact the broker directly and if it dose not solve the problem then you can contact the regulators to solve your Thinkorswim Withdrawal Problems, You can also submit your Thinkorswim withdraw problems in the comment form below of the Thinkorswim reviews by forex trading website.

Thinkorswim Learning Center 

Investors who trade using the Thinkorswim forex broker will have access to a valuable library of educational materials that includes trading tools and support materials for all levels of traders, as well as professional analyses, expert commentary and training videos on a variety of topics. 

The broker’s Academy also includes interviews with top traders in various markets whose invaluable expertise, wisdom, trading methods and strategies are shared with the company clients.

Thinkorswim Customer Support Services 

The Thinkorswim customer support services are provided by its helpful staff of multilingual professionals who are available via online chat, email, fax or telephone during market hours 24/5 and provide support services in a variety of languages.

Thinkorswim Login

For login to Thinkorswim broker you can visit the broker website, After sign up you can check your email and do Thinkorswim login.

Thinkorswim Minimum Deposit

Thinkorswim platform does have a minimum account requirement, but it’s more affordable than most: $500. To open an account you must deposit $3,500 or more.

Thinkorswim Trading Hours

Thinkorswim Trading hours of operation coincide with the global financial markets. Online CFDs and Forex trading is available from Sunday 5 p.m. to Friday 5 p.m., New York time.

Thinkorswim Bitcoin Trading

At Thinkorswim you can buy or sell CryptoCurrencies like BTC but you can not deposit or withdrawal with Bitcoins, So Thinkorswim Bitcoin chart is available for trading.

Thinkorswim Live Chat

To get a fast support you can use Thinkorswim Live chat, The Thinkorswim Live Support is also available to support clients, To use Thinkorswim customer support just visit the broker’s website.

Thinkorswim Review Conclusion 

This Thinkorswim Review found a technology driven company that continues to lead the way in online forex trading by providing financial services and trading solutions to clients using cutting edge methods that focus on excellence and continuing customer satisfaction.

With corporate offices in major international cities and trading clients based all over the world, The company trading activities are safe and overseen by a variety of strict global regulatory agencies and client funds are securely held in segregated top tier international banks.     

Trading account types are limited but investors can rely on the Thinkorswim forex broker for value driven financial services delivered by a team of professionals whose values and integrity continue to contribute to the overall excellence of services delivered by the broker to clients around the world.

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